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“Satin and Steel” at Trampset

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My essay on Superman and masculinity, “Satin and Steel,” now appears at Medium‘s literary journal Trampset. You can read the essay here.


“Island in the City” in The Swamp

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 9.33.07 PMMy essay “Island in the City,” centered somewhat on Czech dining, is now available to read at The Swamp. As a “bonus,” you can also hear me read it here.

Book News

Now that a date has been loosely set, I’m very happy to be able to announce that my book of essays, Island in the City, will be published by the University of Nebraska Press in September 2018.

Since its publication date is still far off, though, for now you can browse the other books in “American Lives,” the UNP series in which my book will have a home, here!

“Seeing Red” at BLARB


At the Blog of the Los Angeles Review of Books (BLARB) I have a new essay, titled “Seeing Red (Or, the Red Caps are Coming).” It covers Charlottesville, red baseball caps, and Hitler’s Mustache—you can read it here.

“A Natural American” in Appalachian Heritage


My essay “A Natural American” is now available online from the spring 2017 issue of Appalachian Heritage, a journal focused on “the work of emerging and established writers throughout Appalachia and beyond, offering readers literature that is thoughtful, innovative, and revelatory.” You can read my essay, and much more work from the spring issue, here.

Interview with Kristen Radtke


I’m very happy to have had the chance to talk with the dear and inimitable Kristen Radtke, whose graphic memoir Imagine Wanting Only This will completely steal your heart.

You can read our interview here.

New Work in Slag Glass City


My essay “Metropolis” is now available at Slag Glass City, a “creative nonfiction and multidisciplinary media journal engaged with sustainability, identity, and art in urban environments.” They are “equally enthralled by interrogative art and performance that values social justice and queerness, reinvents form, and honors the green human need to pursue pleasure, beauty, and joy.” You can find my essay here.